The Studio

Aesthetically Pleasing Spaces... Natural, Uncolored Acoustics

The main tracking room feels like an intimate mountain lodge, with ceilings reaching 31ft, and breathtaking views out the windows. Plus a balcony lounge area overlooking more than a 1000 sq ft of a woodworker’s dream, flanked by two additional iso rooms,  and an all glass tower. There’s also a lovely selection of instruments, vintage and new microphones, that have been collected over the decades, ready to be used for your sessions, making the possibilities to create your own sound nearly limitless. It’s a private studio retreat, on steroids! The facility is also available for private concerts and small corporate gatherings.


Sonic Excellence

That’s what we strive for, up here in the clouds. Our Control room is the perfect hang and creative space, to track and mix any musical genre.  Thanks to a co-op design by Vincent Amaury Van Haaff and John Jacob, and an incredible amount of absorption and diffusion; we have created a wonderfully sonic atmosphere. Everything is hand wired with Mogami cabling, fitted with an SSL Duality 48 with Delta, Protools-HD, and piles of both Vintage and New State of the Art outboard gear. With a spiral stairway to the side, leading up to the balcony, that can be used as a lounge, or simply a different listening experience.

Music Powered by the Sun


Studio in the Clouds is truly one of the world’s most ecologically mindful recording studios. The facility produces 40% – 50% more energy than it consumes. Using a combination of passive solar, 46 hot water collector panels, geothermal tubing, and 96 solar panels the site provides all of it’s own energy needs plus more for our star-studded friends and neighbors. A passive solar greenhouse provides heat for the entire home on any sunny day (regardless of outside temperature) and helps humidify the atmosphere for easy breathing in the dry climate. The greenhouse also provides planter beds for growing food year around, and includes a fish pool for aquaculture. Truly one of the world’s most ecologically mindful recording studios.

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